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Monday, February 15, 2016

Letter from Ms. Jenn - Process vs. Product Art

What does process vs. product mean?   It basically means that we encourage the children to use their creativity to create whatever they feel instead of making a model of what we want.  It means no “cutsie” things coming home.  It may not look like much when it comes home but this is how children grow in this area, by working at their level of development and creating things that interest them.  Which means your child can choose their materials and how they want to use them at the art table.

The following comes from NAEYC’s TYC publication about Process vs. Product:
Characteristics of process-focused art experiences
• There are no step-by-step instructions
• There is no sample for children to follow • There is no right or wrong way to explore and create • The art is focused on the experience and on exploration of techniques, tools, and materials • The art is unique and original • The experience is relaxing or calming • The art is entirely the children’s own • The art experience is a child’s choice • Ideas are not readily available online
• What children might say:
“Look what I made!” “I’m going to do another!”
“Can I have more time?”

Characteristics of product-focused art experiences

• Children have instructions to follow
• The teacher created a sample for children to copy
• There’s a right and a wrong way to proceed
• There’s a finished product in mind
• The children’s finished art all looks the same
• The children experience frustration
• The teacher might “fix mistakes”
• The whole class took part in an art project at the same time
• Patterns and examples are readily available online

• What children might say: “Can I be done now?” “Is this right?” “I can’t do it.”
“Mine doesn’t look like yours.”

We want children to feel proud of their own work and confident on what they have made on their own.
- Ms. Jenn

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