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Monday, June 20, 2016

Busying your Kids this Summer

If you have older ones (as many of our families do) you may be wondering what you're going to do this summer with all their extra time. There are many different things around here that you can do as a family or they can do by themselves that will keep them engaged and interested all summer. Here are some ideas based on how much money you're willing to spend.


• Summer Camp: There are so many different summer camps around the area for multiple interests. Is your kid super interested in horses? There's a ton of horse riding focused summer camps.

• YMCA Programs: The YMCA has a ton of different classes for different things that you're bound to find something that your child is into.

• Community Center Programs: Just like the YMCA, your local community center has a list of different classes you can sign your child up for.

• Road Trip: Take a family road trip! Plan a route and head on out. Explore different states and take hikes. Whatever your family interests are, find them on the road!

• Planet Rock: This awesome rock climbing adventure is open to kids 5 and up. Help them move their bodies and work on their coordination!


• Water Park: Any water park is a day full of fun and ends in exhaustion for everyone. Plan a day, take a lunch, and spend time with the family rolling around in the water.

• Amusement Park: Cedar Point or any park like it is a great time for the whole family. Schedule a day during the weekend and head on out.

• Little League (or another sports team): Let your kid challenge themselves with a commitment throughout the summer. Find out what they like and sign them up for a summer full of excitement and fun.

• Hands On Museum: This museum in Ann Arbor is a fun way to explore science and other fun things as a family. It's also indoors in case you need a break from the sun and the welcome feel of air conditioning. :)

• Domino's Petting Farm: The petting farm at Domino's Farms lets your child explore the animals up close. They're also open every day!


• Water Play: Water play in the backyard is a fun easy way to get cool while staying close to home.

• Botanical Gardens: The Matthaei Botanical Gardens are a beautiful sight! Take a walk with the whole family and look at all the pretty flowers together.

• Fairy Door Search: There are so many fairy doors around Ann Arbor! You can get a map of where all the current ones are (even though new ones pop up every day) and explore Ann Arbor as a family. Maybe you could stop by Kilwins on your way back for an ice cream.

• Ann Arbor Art Fair: The Art Fair comes around every year and is a fun way to look at local artists and explore Ann Arbor.

• Ann Arbor Summer Festival: The Summer Festival has something for everyone! There are so many different artists and genres that you'll find something for your family every day.

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