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Monday, April 18, 2016

Rainy Day Activities

April showers bring May flowers! Here are some fun activities that you can do to get rid of the rainy day blues.

• Create a time capsule: Capture your child's age and interests in a time capsule that you can open up as a family 5, 10, or 15 years later. Bury it in your backyard or bury it inside a chest that you keep in the attic. Wherever it stays, it can't be opened until the agreed upon date. Who knows what everyone will be like when that date comes?

• Bake: Baking cakes, cookies, breads, etc, can really bring the family together to bake some delicious treats to enjoy in the fort or during a movie marathon.

• Build a fort: An empty living room can open up multiple possibilities of forts for all day fun. Grab the blankets, sheets, and pillows and use everyone's brains to try to figure out the best way to build the best fort. Ever.

• Break out the tent: An indoor camping experience is a fun way to play together as a family. Don't have a tent? All you need is a sheet.

• Create an indoor obstacle course: Get moving with a homemade obstacle course throughout the house. All you need are some things to climb on, some things to climb over, or some things to climb through. Get their bodies in motion.

• Movie marathon: Rainy days make you tired. Hanging out on the couch watching movies is an easy way to get in some snuggle time that is hard to get with these constant moving little humans.

• Write a book: A great way to stretch a child's imagination is to see where they can take their ideas. Writing a story together as a family can be an all day activity that turns into a silly joke or a bedtime story for nights to come.

• Get messy with sensory: Everyone has a different level of mess that they are comfortable with, so whatever yours is, go to the max! Being stuck inside limits a child's development throughout the day so getting them engaged in a sensory activity will keep them busy and developing for awhile.

• Plan a vacation: Sometimes being stuck inside makes you only wish you were somewhere warm. Get the family included in the decision and plan the next family vacation. It doesn't have to be somewhere spectacular. It could be just camping for a weekend or visiting family in another state. Plan something to look forward to as a family that everyone can get excited about.

• Plan a create-your-own family dinner: As a child, my favorite thing to do was to make our own meal unique. Some dinners we used this with were create-your-own-burger night, create-your-own-pizza night, or create-your-own-omelet night. Another way to spice it up is to add ingredients that aren't normally found in the meal, such as different fruits for a burger. Whoever could make the wackiest meal (and eat it) got to choose dessert!

• Be an artist: Whether this be painting a picture or making up a song, being artistic requires a certain part of the brain that should be engaged daily.

• Get wet: Sometimes the best way to take advantage of a rainy day is to play in it! Have everyone (and yes, I mean everyone) get dressed in warmer yet lesser used clothes, pull on some rain boots, and get soaked. Watching your little ones run in the rain with you and being silly will be a memory you will never forget. If you can't even imagine getting out there to do this, just remember: a shower or a bath is readily available as soon as you are done getting messy.

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