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Monday, September 21, 2015

Preparing for Winter: What You Need To Know

It's almost October, which means it'll start getting a bit colder outside. Here's how to prepare for the worst of Michigan winters:

1. Bring snow pants, hats, boots, and waterproof mittens:
          We will keep your child's belongings in the back for the winter season. We always have extra pants, hats, boots, and mittens, but we only have so many. If you could bring your child's cold weather gear once it starts getting too cold for light jackets, that'd be best. Make sure the clothing is waterproof to ensure that your child doesn't get uncomfortable while playing outside. If your child is in the IT room, there are enough waterproof mittens so you don't have to bring those. But if you'd like to bring some lightweight mittens for the warmer winter days, that'd be helpful. When it comes to boots, we can keep their waterproof boots here at Jellybean to use each day or you can bring them in their boots each morning. Either way, please label all of your child's belongings. This is vital so we don't lose any of your child's stuff or misplace it in Jellybean stuff. 

2. Bring your child in a weather appropriate coat in the mornings.
          Whatever coat you bring them in in the mornings will be the coat they will wear for an hour in the morning and the afternoon recesses. Therefore, please bring your child in something that is appropriate for the weather and the temperature outside. If you would like, we can also keep their winter coat here at Jellybean for them to use for recess.

3. Stock up the cubby with extra pants, socks, and a sweatshirt or two.
          In addition to switching out the summer clothes in their cubby for winter clothes, be sure to have even more socks and pants ready to be used. Some days will be extra wet outside, so having those extra socks and pants stocked up in the cubby will be extra helpful during those busy transitions. 

4. If your child is prone to chapped lips, put some chapstick in their lower cubby.
         Most children will remember that they have chapstick and will visit their cubby throughout the day when they feel they need it. If you know your kid gets it bad during winter time, feel free to keep chapstick in their cubby.

5. If your child is prone to excessive dry skin, and you'd like them to use a certain lotion other than what we have here at Jellybean, bring that in.
          We can put this lotion or other topical cream in the bathroom and put it on them when they come inside from recess. Just let us know when you bring it in so we can make sure all the bathroom teachers know about it.

6. Slippers.
          Winter is a very popular time for slippers. You don't need to bring your child slippers, but many kids do so if your child asks about it, it's completely okay for you to bring some in. Just be sure to label them both in sharpie so we know whose slippers are whose.

Have any other questions about how we prepare for winter here at Jellybean? Ask away.

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