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Monday, August 31, 2015

What's coming up in September?

September is always such a busy month! It's back to school time for all those going to Kindergarten and it's the beginning of a fresh start for all the preschoolers still at Jellybean. What does a fresh start mean? Many things scheduled in one month! These are the things to look for coming up in September:

School Pictures: 22nd, 24th, & 25th 
     Every fall we take new school pictures with the wonderful Candylouu Photography. We have three dates scheduled so every child will be included in these school pictures. If your child will not be there during those dates, you are welcome to bring them during one of the dates that Candy will be there taking pictures. Be sure to let us know so we can be prepared and let you know what times she'll be there. You don't need to do much more than bring your child to school for the days they're scheduled.

Family Pictures Sign-Up: Beginning of the Month
     Because Candy is so awesome, she gives the Jellybean families a fantastic deal on family photography. If you're looking to update your family pictures, we highly recommend her. She has photographed our families for many years and she does a wonderful job. Her "Jellybean deal" is $75 for a 20 minute session ($25 is donated to Jellybean) & 8-12 custom edited, downloadable images with print release. If you'd like to sign up with her, feel free to sign up on her sign-up sheet on Juju's desk starting sometime in the middle of September.

ASQ Send Home: Mid-September
     ASQ stands for Ages & Stages Questionnaire. We complete one here at Jellybean and we will send one home with you to complete for your child at home. Make sure to look out for them in your email inbox around mid-September. It is all about where your child is when it comes to their social-emotional skills. Please have these completed by conferences (which are October 20th & 21st) so we have all the information we need to discuss your child's development.

Orientation: 9th from 6-7pm
     Orientation is one day a year where all parents are invited to come to Jellybean after hours to hear a presentation from the teachers and ask any questions that you may have for them. The presentation starts at 6pm so be sure to be there on time. There will be a sign up sheet starting this week on Juju's desk. Signing up is required for orientation attendance.

Jellybean at Kinderplatz (during Oktoberfest): 26th from 10am-2pm
     The annual Saline Oktoberfest has a special place dedicated to family fun and Jellybean will be there this year! Be sure to stop by (for free) to play on a bounce house, create make-it-and-take-it crafts, see big tractors, watch live animal shows, and more. Come visit us!

Family Field Trip at Talladay Farms: 26th from 3-5pm
     On Saturday, we will meet up to have some fun at Talladay Farms! There is so much to do there: a regular corn maze, a small bale maze for the little ones, a giant spider web to climb, a straw pile to play in, and a barrel train ride. You can also walk down the road to Wasem's Fruit Farm and get some donuts and cider. The cost will depend on how much you participate in, so visit their website for info on prices and what not. Sign up on Juju's desk starting at the beginning of the month.

Show & Tell: 21st
     Let your child bring in something that they'd like to show their friends during group! If your child doesn't come on Mondays, they are more than welcome to bring something Tuesday.

Take Home Activity: 10th
     September's take home activity will be available for you to bring home starting the 10th. So pick one up from the metal file holder up front by Juju.


  1. A new fresh start from September. The schedules in September includes some very interactive points that will inspire the children to start a new journey. Very good planning to bring up the students with a fresh start.

  2. That's true that September is really a important month for the kindergarten students as they need to start a new beginning at this month. Some activities that they must do is listed here. Good schedule to start them for new journey that will warm up them.