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Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter from Ms. Jenn: Why we do outdoor play.

Why do outdoor play?

At Jellybean we spend 2 hours outside everyday!  No matter what the weather is like, we make time to explore the outdoors. We make sure that the children are always prepared for the weather.  In the winter we wear layers, boots, and waterproof clothing.  In the hot days of summer we do water play, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and find shady areas to cool down.  The children love their outside time and it is very important to their development.

In our outside classroom we do lots of large motor play but there is so much more to our backyard than that.  We learn so many things about science, do art activities, build with natural material, plant our garden and watch it grow, make friends, learn to share and take turns, learn how to respect our environment, explore and discover the world around us, and laugh so much!

Research shows that children who learn and play outdoors have:

•Longer Attention Spans

•More Creativity

•Higher Levels of Confidence

•Higher Test Scores

•Greater Academic Success

•Significant improvements in cognitive development, self-discipline, imaginative and creative expression, language skills, and social interactions.

So if you ever wonder if all the children are doing outside is just playing, think again. They are learning and growing!

Here is a cool activity to do with your child while you're outdoors. Check out our Pinterest page for more fun ideas!

- Ms. Jenn


  1. I like that your day care center encourages outdoor play. It is good for children to play outside and enjoy nature. I didn't know that research shows that children who play outdoors have greater academic success. That is just one more great reason for children to play outside.

    Susan Hirst |

  2. Susan: I agree that outdoor space is important as well as allowing children to have time to play and explore that space. It is amazing what outdoor play can do for young brains! Here are a couple articles that you might enjoy.