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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why Do We Wear Sunscreen?

I think Michigan has finally made up its mind: it's summer! With summer comes sun, and with sun comes sunburns. How do we keep sunburns from happening? Sunscreen! Now that we're using sunscreen on the children pretty much every day, there's a need to send out something about why exactly we take the time every morning and afternoon to put sunscreen on all the children.

Sun is great for children! It's a great source of Vitamin D and the children learn so well outdoors. But without the proper protection, the children can obtain sunburns that will greatly increase their chances of getting melanoma later in life. According to this academic journal article by Medical professionals (, a bad sunburn at a young age doubles the chance of getting melanoma. Feel free to click the link to hear more of what they have to say.

We do all we can here to protect our children from anything harmful. Using sunscreen, we're taking one more precaution against the children possibly getting hurt. At Jellybean, we use Meijer Baby Sunscreen. If you would like to bring your own sunscreen for your own child, feel free. Until then, we'll be using the Meijer sunscreen.

Are you having trouble with your child allowing you to put sunscreen on them? Use this experiment as a fun way to get your kid to think about how sunscreen really protects their skin.

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