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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exciting Outside Updates

We've been super busy over here at Jellybean updating our outside playground for the spring. Jonny Jon (Ms. Jenn's husband) and Bubby (Ms. Jenn's son) have been hard at work timing everything perfectly to grow its best. Jonny Jon and Bubby came over today to plant our new Boston ivy plants to grow around our walk-around tunnel. Hopefully it will end up creating an ivy walkway over the next few years. Some other things that will be added in the next upcoming weeks are natural balance beams and wood chips. A few trees at Ms. Jenn's house have been taken down so we will be using those wood chips to fill around our swings, our trees we planted, and our dig areas. Some straight and long pieces from the trees will be brought as well to create a natural balance beam for the preschoolers to test out their balance.

Apart from Jonny Jon and Bubby doing all the work, some children and teachers have already begun making our playground beautiful! Many flowers have been planted in separate planters and in the ground to make our outside playscape colorful and wonderfully smelly. We are also excited to see how our garden gets going this year. Ms. Melissa and Ms. Alexis are the two teachers that will be taking care of the garden and planting the seeds in the next upcoming weeks. The kids chose the plants this year and this is what's on the docket: brussel sprouts, cucumbers, cabbage, and peppers. This will be a very colorful garden this year!

For those of you who don't know, our goal is to have a very natural playscape for the children to challenge themselves without needing equipment made of metal or plastic. This is an extension of our play based learning that allows our children to have their own experiences and to learn by doing. We want to give our children the best options when it comes to learning and we know we can do that with our natural playscape. We can't wait to share pictures of our updated playground once everything is finished!

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